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National Model Aviation Day Open House at Ross Field Aug 12 from 10 AM to 3 PM

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ORCF club flying days are Wednesday and Sunday. Ross Field is open to all AMA members and their guests. AMA cards are required to fly. Non AMA guests can fly with an AMA certified “Intro Pilot” instructor. Come fly with us!! The Oneonta RC Flyers monthly meetings are held at Ross Field on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start promptly at 7pm. Flying is encouraged before and after the meetings. Note: Winter meetings are at Fox Care.

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Catching A "Flying Bug"?

We'd love to have you come out to the flying field with us and maybe even get a free flying lesson. Our club has over thirty energetic R/C Model Aircraft enthusiasts. If you are interested in airplanes, helicopters or anything that flies, Come Join Us!!!
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Model Airplane News

  • — Vintage RC goes giant-scale

    Originally a 35-inch-span, free-flight model, the Worcraft Products’ Scarab was designed in the late ’40s and had elliptical planform flying surfaces, a centerline-mounted mono wheel for ground takeoffs, and two sub rudders along with a conventional top-mounted vertical stabilizer. This enlarged, 82-inch-span version pays tribute to the original design and...

  • — Covering tips: 3-color fuselage

    The fuselage adds some complexity to our covering procedures because of the compound curves and the overall shape of the fuselage. Plus we have three different colors that have to be added on to different parts of the fuselage. The placement of the color seams will have to match up...

  • — Wet Wings are Wonderful — Flying off Water!

    If 70% of the globe is covered with water, shouldn’t we have that same percentage of RC model floatplanes? No? Well, many RC clubs today are struggling to find suitable open flying sites and with growing urban sprawl, noise restrictions, and the cost of real estate all playing a factor,...

  • — Flush Fitting Aileron Servo Hatches — Strong and Neat for Better Performance

    When I built my 1/5-scale Sopwith Triplane, it had rather thin wings. Yes, a low-profile servo, such as Airtronics 94921 or Hitec 77BB, would fit with the shaft vertical, but I had only standard ones on hand, so I went with them. I made an 1/8-inch-thick and 2 7/8-inch-wide plywood...

  • — Tame your Tail-Dragger

    From sport planes and classic civilian aircraft to warbirds and fighters, where the little “steering” wheel is in back behind the main landing gear, the tail-dragger configuration remains very popular. Though the tailwheel has very little effect on the model’s flight performance, the landing gear configuration does make takeoffs and...

  • — SMOKE ON! — Make a Cheap & Easy Smoke Muffler

    A great way to add excitement to your RC flights is to add a smoke system. Do a loop or a roll and then add a dense, long-hanging smoke trail and you have an airshow! You can save some bucks by modiflying your stock muffler instead of buying a commercial...

  • — ARF Jet Makeover — Added details for the fast lane

    I’ve been waiting for a F86 Sabre EDF to come along that didn’t have a HUGE “out of scale”nose intake and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Finally E-flite did it. Watching the performance of this model on the stock setup , I was finally satisfied. Having just finished...

  • — Spektrum 4.3″ FPV Video Monitor With DVR

    From Spektrum: The SPMVM435 4.3 inch full-color FPV monitor allows novice or even seasoned FPV enthusiasts the opportunity to experience FPV without the need for a traditional headset. The VM435 FPV monitor features an integrated Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Pilots can now record their inflight FPV footage straight to a...

  • — Spektrum 4.3″ FPV Video Monitor With DVR & Headset

    From Spektrum: The Spektrum VM435C headset is an affordable FPV headset/monitor combo that is loaded with features. The VM435C uses a 5.8 GHz frequency with a built in receiver, displaying real-time FPV video from a FPV camera mounted in an aircraft or vehicle. View the monitor in the headset, or...

  • — Blade Inductrix FPV + RTF & BNF [VIDEO]

    From Blade: The Inductrix® FPV + from Blade® is the next generation of micro FPV building on the success of the Inductrix FPV and Inductrix FPV Pro. This new version comes completely overhauled from head to toe, packed with unique features that make this micro machine a blast to fly....


























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